Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Cornered Beef

Having a reletionship with someone where you dont share the same first language can be fun, confusing, frustrating and often amusing...

My boyfriend and I communicate in english, Spanish is his first language but he learnt english while working in London.

Some people have great trouble understanding him but I find it easy.


Hes a chef and recently he called me when I was out and told me he made me dinner. "I have made you arepas and cornered beef" he told me.

I laughed but he still dosnt seem to understand whats so funny about cornered beef!

(he is cute though)


(I had images of coming home and him looming over a poor lump of beef in the corner o the kitchen)

p.s Play was great, next week Im working with a drag queen yay yay!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a sweet post! Cornered beef hee hee!

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