Thursday, 25 February 2010


I recently did this shoot with a friend of mine Tracy who is a photographer (her site here)
and my beautiful friend Lisa who was the model. We did 5 diffrent looks in one day, everything was shot in the same building (Tracy's apartment!), it was exhausting but here are some of the shots!


young said...

Oh I love her hair!
Nice job :)

Love Simone said...

These are great! I think your beautiful friend Lisa looks a bit like the singer Lykke Li, especially with her hair pulled back

the midnight bloom said...

your friend is gorgeous!!

NINA said...

i really like the bow hair do! When you move to London I will happily play dressing up with you if you was my favourite game as a child - my grandma made wedding dresses, hats and head-dresses, veils etc so we had so much exciting fabric and bits and bobs to play with as kids!

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