Sunday, 5 September 2010

Things which are nice

If my life was a pie chart and that pie chart was divided into sections of "things I have under control in my life" and "things I do not have under control in my life" then the section of pie that represents the latter category would be very slim indeed.

(do you like my very "hyprbole and a half" pie chart?)

This graph may actually over estimate quite how much I do have in control.

Being, as I am, a person who likes to be in control I have taken the path of "pretending nothing is wrong" as a way to combat this issue. Instead of focusing on the 10 thousand things which are wrong, which range from small and insignificant to huge and life altering, I keep myself happy by listing things which keep me from being crushed under the immense weight of wrongitude.

Here's a few:

- Emails. I love a good email. One with lots of information and nice sentiments. Love it.

- My hair. Its just really very nice right now.

- Boys. Instead of worrying about just one, I'm just going to like them all.

- Katie C Turner. She likes cute boys too and draws lovely pictures about them.

She rules.


- Mark Ruffalo. Because he is Mark Ruffalo and that is all any man could want to be.

- Fur and socks. Hello autumn.


- All my friends helping out with guests post over at Letters to a Stranger
while I got my teeth out. You guys rule.

- Gracie being in New York. Because she deserves to be.



Annie @ Wiloh said...

Great list. All happy things. How about those blueberry cupcakes from the last post, too... those look so good!

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