Monday, 13 October 2008

The Great Blonde Debate

I was born blonde but have since been through pretty much every colour on the spectrum and have settles into a simple dark brown with my ever present bride of franknstein streak. However every year at around this time I get the urge to go blonde. I want
to look etheral and angerlic and maybe kinda trendy ...

But I always get this:

I know you brunnets will agree going from dark to light isnt easy.
Anway go any idea what I should do? Try it or stay in the dark side?And does anyone have and dark inspiration that will encourage me to stick with brown?...


StrikeMatch said...

Haha.. thanks for the leprechaun explanation.

As for blonde, my hair does the same thing goes all brassy. It's too much upkeep for me. Brunette inspiration - Sophia Coppola, Audrey Tatou, Marion Cottilard & Eva Green. All dark exotic beauties.

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