Monday, 26 January 2009

New Year New You #2

So heres the plan guys:

1) List resoltions on blog

2) Stick to resolutions

3) take photos to prove it

4) Attempt to update blog as resolutions work out

So first things first the resolutions as follows:

- wear everything I own instead of sticking to normal stuff and regulalry restocking beautiful clothes and shoes and then...not wearing them...(Iv been making this resolution every year for awhile now)

- Dont be afraid of changing hair/make up to what I want and not just stick to normal (iv started on this already...)

- Learn to do something well and do properly

- Speak spanish fluently!! (almost 2 years here and im still shy)

- Work as what I want to be and not just what is easiest (while subtley ignoring all this crisis nonsense) and become really good at it.

- Attempt to sleep (we arent counting January in this one)

- Maybe stop all those nasty vices?...

- Take more photographs

- Update blog

(2 posts in one day? way to go Rosa...)

So this is as far as I have got in following my resoltuions:

worked as a makeup artist
learning ukulele
Dyed hair bright pink
Bought batteries for my camera
Posted this

Woop good start!


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