Monday, 26 January 2009

New Year New You

Resolution number 1: Learn how to do somthing and do it well.

(this isnt mine but I wish it was)


To celebrate entering in to 2009 I decided first to not lie to myself and pretend I couldnt change
my life.

I realised that I am at one of the few point in my life where I have time.

So much time.

So much time that I decided to learn to play the ukulele.

And it turns out im some whate of a ukulele genius! I was playing chords and changing chords and siging along all very merrily. With 24 hours I was convinced I had found my true calling in life. I was looking confidetly at chord sheets and saying "yeah I can play that!" and I was!

Untill it came time to tune it...and I discovered while I was obviosuly extreamly gifted when it came to playing the ukulele my talants ended when it came to tuning it...

oh the horror.

I shouted at the ukulele, i shouted at the boyfriend, I even shouted at the cat, cursing them all for my inability to tune the worlds simplest instrument!
and then....

I did it.

I tuned it!

I have never learnt how to play an instrument befor and finaly I felt I had really acheived something!

So maybe I am somewhat of a ukulele genius after after all...


Any requests?


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