Sunday, 21 September 2008

Country Living

Im at home in Ireland for a few days. It feel like real autumn so Im back in my boots and wooly tights. Im enjoying making spicey chocolate cupcakes and playing in my lovely room.
I spent alot of time and money and couple of years ago making my room perfect and I do miss it so when Im Ireland (as well as my family and dogs of course :-) My room in Barcelona just never seems as warm and cosy as this one not matter how hard I try!

This is Anja. We have been best friends for years and recently spent the year in Barcelona but where as she is moving to England to study Im sticking with Barna :-(

Luckily while I was here I got to see my bestest before she went away to uni! She gave me these super cool glass-less 50's glasses. They go perfactly with my vintage skirt-turn dress and red lipstick.

Id like to be Rita Hayworth but lets me honest...Im much more Lucile Ball.



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