Thursday, 11 September 2008

La Vie en Rosa

I'm Rosa. Im 20, I live in Barcelona.

The real city of Angels.

Seeing as the people I love may be a little sick of me inflicting the things I love on them, so I thought I would post them here.

I rely too heavily on love, liquid eyeliner, the internet, hair grips, food, music and irony.

Sometimes I wish we lived in a time when every outfit was hand made and everyone wore hats.

Most days I spend in my jeans.

Ive spent years keeping bullet pointed personal blogs of my life. This is the next step.

Everyday I try and figure out what my talant is.

Im not very good at photography but Im trying...


Mila said...

Wow, gorgeous!
I really like your photography! :)

Thanks for your very sweet comment on my blog, i really appreciate!


The Green Bowler said...

Hi Rosa

Well done. I think you should be writer, maybe of illustrated books... Try one! You manage to combine telling it like it is with a real humanity.. Seriously, give it a gom wrie what you see, think and feel honestly.. You ever know you could be famous yet!

Alison @ Green Wood Chairs said...

Write books, blogs, poetry etc. you are very good and always have been, your vocab is great and you express yourself well (quite honestly and emotionally) and you are funny too which isn't easy.. (btw writing books isnt really that hard.) On the other hand, the world would be the poorer if you werent choosing clothes and doing make-up, can you in some way write about those things and earn a crust?

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