Sunday, 14 September 2008

All the leaves are brown...

Yesterday I woke up and the first thing I thought was "I can smell the autumn". My high-30's-Barcelona-summer has come to its end and now I can finaly start wearing my lovely winter clothes and hopefuly be able to pick up some more...
The promblem with this time of year is I feel its time to start again. I know spring is supposedly the time to clean out and start afresh, maybe its the lingering back to school feeling that makes me want to through out everything I own and get back to basics.
Lack of funds have ment I cannot do this to my wardrobe but Ive been secretly trying create new clothes from what I own. Scarves as tops, dresses as skirts, a failed attempt at borrowing the boyfriends skater boy wardrobe.

So this autumn/winter I would please like to be allowed to play in the wardrobes of:
Louise Ebel
Rhiannon at Liebe Marlene Vintage:
Esme and the laneway
The perfact Vintage Darling
A 20's film star
Sabrina at Professionaly trendy:
And because I like spice with my sugar, how about a little MoB? (I even learnt how to fishtail plait...)

My shoe passion has been lieing I hibenation until I get enough spare cash on my hands. Friends generaly treat it as one would treat anyone was an borderline obbsession. My shoulders are firmly pulled away from shop windows, any shoes releated monologs are greeted with nodding and smiling and then a hasty change of subject. Last night me and the boyfriend were sitting outside a bar when a girl we know came up. Her general style is slightly more tattooed-red-and -lack-amywinehouse-esk then me personaly but she had on a beautiful pair of black platforms. So the girl stupidly takes them off telling me her feet are tired and I ask if I can try them on. The are a perfect fit.
I gurdgingly take them off and give them back to her.
After she leaves I bombard the boyfriend with "ohmygoddidyouseethoseshoestheylookedsoooogoodonme..etc,etc"
He shakes his head and says "If I had know you were going to try them on Id have stopped you...Its like giving a drug addict a hit".

How sad that its true...

(first picture from facehunter)


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