Sunday, 2 August 2009

Free Wheeling

When I was 8 my family and I moved from London to the Irish countryside. I attended a tiny school with only 5 pupils thats was close to my house. After the initial culture shock I adapted and began to enjoy the novelty of going to a school where 4 diffrent age groups where taught 4 diffrent lessons in one room by 1 teacher. Every morning a fire was lit in the open fire place so as to keep us warm. It was one persons job to go and collect the coal and other fule from a tiny building outside.


Iv been feeling rather nostalgic recently for my country days. I remember very clearly when my Mom allowed me to start cycling to school and back. She baught me one of those parcel carriers for the back to strap my school bag too. I felt so grown up and like a carchter from a book, cycling through the countryside stopping along the way to pick blackberries.


These days I long for a bicycle to scoot around the city. Ill make sure it has a parcel carrier too. And a basket.


(photos: The Sartorialist, Facehunter, Garance Dore)

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