Friday, 7 August 2009

Lovely Links

So as you may have notice my firned Gracie has a lovely blog of her own aswell as our little side project but 3 of my other friends have recently made themselves lovely blog of lovelyness and I hope that maybe some of the few people that come here would also like to go there:

We Fight Crime: My bff Eoins little showcase of his cartoon genius. We used to work on my myspace blog together with whatI belived was out shared genius but its turns out its just his! Nina is lovely. Shes very pretty and very funny and writes very nice blog posts that have nothing to do with shoes or sluts. She used to be cool and live in Barcelona but now she just lives in LDN and says shes from Malta wherever that is. Im going to live in her and Jons bedsit in October. Jon is the architect I told I mesured things in penises too.

Manalorocks even better then socks: If you are feeling depressed visit Manalos blog. When you leave you will feel vaugely better as there is someone in the world a little (or alot) crazyer then you!


manalorocks said...

ohhh no does it really come across as crazy i thought i was being intellectual

NINA said...

was just updating myself via your blog and came across this.. im blushing.. It needs to be said that I started my blog thanks to you and yours..xx

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