Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Some of my least favourite things

- the feeling of unglazed pottery

- the sound of ice lollies touching

- when dough drys on my hand

- strapless things with bras

- when glasses smell funny inside

- the feeling of unwashed teeth

- boys that cant pick you up

- people who shuffle in flip flops

- losing things

- Stephen King novels

- When my brother says "You dont find it funny because you dont understand it"
(maybe its just not funny?...)

- red patches on my knees when Iv had my legs crossed

- lying on a matress with no sheets

- megavideo

- living with other people


Which is you favourite pony with extensions?...


The Clothes Horse said...

Those are wild! I can't pick a favorite.

manalorocks said...

jeez i really hate megavideo

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