Sunday, 1 February 2009

Day 1

Ok so today is day 1 of my month in high heels. Those of you that remember the rules of the game will know that I have to wear heels atleast 5 days a week but that I had granted myself heel free journeys in case of rain and or icredible lateness.

Well today I was late and it rained.

However in spirit of starting the month the way I intende to continue it I wore my heels and hailed a taxi to get me to work slightly on time and reletively dry.


Please forgive the strange pose, I was in the process of closing the door then got distracted and forgot to take more photos and now im in my pyjamas so this will have to do!

wow for some reason it super ad resolution, I promise Ill try harder next time!

I wore these pretty comfortale black oxfords style heels that I love as they are cute and trendy but only cost me e16 in Pennys (primark as some of you know it).

People always ask me where they are from and sometimes I lie and pretend they are from somewhere else as (god forbid) they might buy the same pair and take away some of the charm for me.

p.s thats my pink hair :-)

What I notice on my way home is that heels confuse me. Especialy with this tight skirt as I somehow become really unsure as to weather Im walking properly or not and what to do with my arms (lack of pockets didnt help). Anyone got any tips how to make my upper body look posied and elegant) Short of carrying a 30cm cigarette holder and pretending to be Audrey Hepburn, I have no idea how to!

On a slightly ureleted not do you belive style is a natural thing or that it is learnt? Sometimes I will comment a girls sense of style in perhaps an unkind way ad my boyfried always tells me I should be nicer to her as it is not her fault she isnt born stylish (sub text isnt as stylish as me ;-)

But I belive everybody has the capacity to be woderful dont you?

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