Friday, 6 February 2009

Day 5: The worst outfit photos you have ever seen since day 1

I took my uke to bar to play for a friend of mine whos last day of work it was (somthing is wrong with that sentence and I cant figure out what)

Once again under the influence of a little alcahol I asked the boyfriend to take my outfit picture and as we where with friends this ment we had some...obstructions...

so here is day 5''s outfit with special guest star Alex:

How sad he looks better then me!

I didnt realised till after i saw these fotos that the hem on my skirt is falling down

So the boyfriend decided to play Papparazi

"Sorry im very rich and important and your anoying me!"


Another attmept at my outfit photos

Im pulling this odd face because a) my feet hurt and b) This is happening like 2 feet away...

and im trying not to laugh my head off...

"I slap you on the forhead!"....."No dont slap my forhead!"


Sabrina said...

Your comment is too nice, especially since I don't even show my face in that post! Heh

Where is that awesome belt you're wearing from?

Sabrina said...

Zara was my first guess! Hah. I love them too.

I wish they would post pictures of their stock online though. I am often too busy/too lazy to check in stores.

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