Wednesday, 11 February 2009

How the sex and the city movie changed my life: an ode to the wardrobe

(The CBG)

I had a very deprived childhood...

Ok thats not entirely (or at all) true but I did never enough room to have a wardrobe and had to fold all my clothes into drawers or hang them from over stuffed hooks on my walls that would sporadicaly collapse under their own weight.

In my current house we have an enormus built in wardrobe.

(the only refernce picture I could find...ignore the cat and semi nakedness)

And fill it I have with all my clothes and shoes. I was still a little short of space and I had a high shoes rack that interupted my hanging clothes and perhaps too much space to fold clothes away.

Anway, the boyfreind was emotionaly blackmailed into watching The SATC movie with me where in lusted over both of SJP's wardrobes (Im not evern particullarly fond of the show or the film but it keeps popping up recently...)

And lo and behold not 24 hours later boyfriend had cleared out his 1 shelf of clothes and stored them somewhere invisible rearranged the whole thing so I have been granted the ENTIRE space to myself...oh yes...(I sinceraly hope it isnt instead of a Valentines Day gift)

I want to repaint it, style it up somehow but have no idea what colour to choose (Im planing to repaint that part of the room a sort of magnolia colour) and want to paint the closet inside and out...perhaps blue? or red? pink?

Lets take a look at some beautiful wardbrobes

The Selby
takes into the closets of the rich and eccentric

.(one of my own photos)

Doe Deers walk in of wonder

Susie Bubbles not entirely beautiful but oh so well stocked

Mariahs...sheer decadence

Evas...suprsingly classic

(last 3 all via this pretty blog)


gracie takes fashion so seriously it can turn ugly said...

check evas roland wourlet hanging . she is tacky but i love the dress . the thought of someone elseswardrobe excites me too x x ill takes pics of mine ! x x x

Alicia B Designs said...

love the closet hotness and thanks for referencing me!!! RAD blog!
Alicia B.

Arsheen said...

congrats on your new spacey wardrobe! i'd do anything for a wlak in closet, my clothes end up on the floor or the bed, cos there's not enough room!

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