Friday, 6 February 2009

Day 4: Cocktails and Photoshoots

To celebrate my decision to not dress down for the next month, I went out with my friend for drinks in a bar with beautiful wall...It was like being in an enchanted forest! We had a few drinks and decided then was deffiatly the right time to begin an editiorial photo shoot:

So we did

Yum Strawberry Daquiri...

Ciaras dissapointing drink...Poor coco loco!

Me doing my best garden of eden tempting with an orange (note I wore the zara booties again coz Im in love with them and got lots of compliments on them from unexpected people!)

We found a digger and decided to use it as a prop (climbing on it was hard for me as the floor is covered in stilleto sized holes..)

Ciara making her getaway...

The mini had to be used as prop 2: this is me attempting a sexy "oh i was just arraging my stilletoes" pose

Pose Fail

Ciara looking adorable in her adorable childs coat but focus fail for me.

Ciara being adorable in general


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