Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Day 2


Check out my new peep toes booties...These are beauties...Zaaraaa!

I enlisted the boyfried to take the photos as my attempt yesterday was pityfull...

The interchange went somthing like this:
Me: Take a picture of me so I can catalouge 28 days in heels
Him: Do I have to?
Me: Yes
Him: Why? Who ever reads your blog?
Me: Loads of people! Well about 3 people...and somtimes my brother...and me! I want proof I did this!
Him: Ok...(Suddenly takes camera and belives he is Tim Walker)....Use this picture frame! Look like your stepping out! Out! More out! Move your foot out, More out!! (lies on the floor) ok now turn around, show the heels! Ok Ok now look over there!

But in the end the turned out pretty cute!


Yes I wear this cardigan alot. I found it in a second hand shop and it took me like a year to figure out how to wear it.


xs said...

ha, ha. enjoyed that exchange with you and your bf. those shoes and the cardigan look great!

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