Friday, 28 November 2008

Viva La Diva

My new job is fun

We didnt have much time (10 minuets) so I had to keep it pretty simple, I was thinking
Amy winehouse before the crack...

Isnt he lovely?

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Handbags and Burritos

Yesterday I ate a burrito, played with my camera and my friends




and then a man tried to steal my handbag, But I didnt let go. There are somethings which this girl would never let go of and clearly my handbag is one of them.





Autumn is beautiful and sadly it is fadeing and the bright leaves are being replaced by twinkly christmas lights.


Fair trade.


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Cornered Beef

Having a reletionship with someone where you dont share the same first language can be fun, confusing, frustrating and often amusing...

My boyfriend and I communicate in english, Spanish is his first language but he learnt english while working in London.

Some people have great trouble understanding him but I find it easy.


Hes a chef and recently he called me when I was out and told me he made me dinner. "I have made you arepas and cornered beef" he told me.

I laughed but he still dosnt seem to understand whats so funny about cornered beef!

(he is cute though)


(I had images of coming home and him looming over a poor lump of beef in the corner o the kitchen)

p.s Play was great, next week Im working with a drag queen yay yay!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

5 days

Till the play! Lipstick at the ready....

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Now is the winter of our discontent

So the time has come for to me take a step in to my possible future. I have always knows my heart lay with aestetics and finaly I think I should take some proactive...action.

So...Make up

Should I be trying to study this long term?...

Where should I go?

And how much should I pay?

Should I pay?

Should I continue working at it instead? Can I afford to?...

Being old is hard. :-(

Any advice girls?

p.s this post is horribly laid out because blogger isnt letting me alighn my text or see my pictures after i upload them!

(first picture from the cherry blossom girl, second from 666 photography, 3rd sisters facebook!)

Tuesday, 11 November 2008


I cant seem to add pictures to my posts unless they only show up as text when Im editing them which I cant handle! How am I supposed to edit or move them? Can anybody help me???!

Red hair and sequins

Remember when I said I was going to grow me hair ad keep it brown? Well I didnt. Instead I moved in to a flat that has beautiful autumnal leaves around the windows. So instead I decided to do a short side a lá the Galmouria and dyed it a red the colour of grenadine.


But this colour
The days are shorter, the nights are darker. I want to sparkle.

(mama stone vintage)


(Agather Style Bytes)

(The Cherry Blossom Girl)

(Both images from a beautiful blog called {this is glamorous})

My whole life Ive been hooked on changeing the house to suit the seasons. Id spend hours pouring over my moms "country living" magazinez, collecting wildflowers and drying leaves, longing for dry summers and winters so I could recreate the candle light dinner parties and picnics.


My nesting instinct is strong, any new room I move into is immediatly filled with lamps, scarves, pictures, all the little objects I have picked up, grown attached, or carted from house to house and back forth from ireland with me over the year.

Christmas is of course the ideal time for someone like me, an oppertunity to go over the top and decorate without anyone telling me not too! Heres some fotos from my house last year...
I wonder what ll do this year :-)



(my own lovely dorehty shoes)

p.s Ohai (inside a black apple) lady...can I have you room please?

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