Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Rosa system on Measuring

(As taken from the original "Rosa's adventures in wonderland" where I wrote about funny/odd/amusing things that I had said/had happend to me and everybody became very amused and for a short while realised the full weight of my incredible intellect i.e alot)

I am not very spacialy aware. In fact I am rather unaware. When people tell me there height they have to tell me in feet if not I have no idea what then meen and refuse to learn other ways of measuring. Even then I can only pretty much estimate that 6 ft is "tall but not as tall as my brother" and 5"6 is "about my height". Meters are beyond me. Cms dont exist in my world. Mms dont even try.

Recently I at a bar for a semi-good friends going away party. A friend and I had managed to isolate ourselves from the gathering and sat in the corner laughing at jokes that only we would find funny and usualy dont even involve full sentences. This semi-friend is an Architect and he had some cool stylish architect friends hanging around and looking suave. One of them was kind enough to involve himself in my friend and I's isolated giggleing fest. As I attempted to sound knoledgeable about architecture (some what common ground and he designs houses and I have been known to live in them...). I asked him if he considered himself very spacaly aware. He said "Yes I suppose I am really".

Now after this things become a little fuzzy for me. I remember say "Ah yes Im not atall spacaly fact the only way I can ever really judge the size if things is that once read the average male penis is about 3 to 4 inches when soft and 6 when erect. So when people tell me somthing is about 6 inches I just imagine a penis..."

Yes I told the world that I mesure in penii. And yes the plural of penis is penii.

But why cant this be a legitamet form of mesuring? We measure in feet dont we? in hands? why not the penis?....Im going to write a book based on this method (i imagine it will be quite short...about 6 inches?....u just imagined a penis didnt you??)

Of course questiors arose (sic) of what is average and maybe my pereception of average could be some whate warped but I assured everyone that (soley for scientific reserch) I had thourghly investigated this.

Which is of course a joke.

update: I have since been informed for future refernce a 30cm ruler is about "2 cocks"

Anyway distract yourself from this filth with pretty pictures:






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