Sunday, 15 February 2009

Dear Dita..

Dear Dita:

"I know the picture the paparazzi want is me coming out of Starbucks in jeans with my hair all messy, but that's just not going to happen. I just think that when you take a minute to look your best, you get what you want. And I pretty much get what I want."
Ms. Von Teese

I live by your words..(but lets be honest, its dosnt take either of us a minuet):

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

How the sex and the city movie changed my life: an ode to the wardrobe

(The CBG)

I had a very deprived childhood...

Ok thats not entirely (or at all) true but I did never enough room to have a wardrobe and had to fold all my clothes into drawers or hang them from over stuffed hooks on my walls that would sporadicaly collapse under their own weight.

In my current house we have an enormus built in wardrobe.

(the only refernce picture I could find...ignore the cat and semi nakedness)

And fill it I have with all my clothes and shoes. I was still a little short of space and I had a high shoes rack that interupted my hanging clothes and perhaps too much space to fold clothes away.

Anway, the boyfreind was emotionaly blackmailed into watching The SATC movie with me where in lusted over both of SJP's wardrobes (Im not evern particullarly fond of the show or the film but it keeps popping up recently...)

And lo and behold not 24 hours later boyfriend had cleared out his 1 shelf of clothes and stored them somewhere invisible rearranged the whole thing so I have been granted the ENTIRE space to myself...oh yes...(I sinceraly hope it isnt instead of a Valentines Day gift)

I want to repaint it, style it up somehow but have no idea what colour to choose (Im planing to repaint that part of the room a sort of magnolia colour) and want to paint the closet inside and out...perhaps blue? or red? pink?

Lets take a look at some beautiful wardbrobes

The Selby
takes into the closets of the rich and eccentric

.(one of my own photos)

Doe Deers walk in of wonder

Susie Bubbles not entirely beautiful but oh so well stocked

Mariahs...sheer decadence

Evas...suprsingly classic

(last 3 all via this pretty blog)

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Make up day

Fun Fun Fun

Lovely Ladies

And me!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Day 5: The worst outfit photos you have ever seen since day 1

I took my uke to bar to play for a friend of mine whos last day of work it was (somthing is wrong with that sentence and I cant figure out what)

Once again under the influence of a little alcahol I asked the boyfriend to take my outfit picture and as we where with friends this ment we had some...obstructions...

so here is day 5''s outfit with special guest star Alex:

How sad he looks better then me!

I didnt realised till after i saw these fotos that the hem on my skirt is falling down

So the boyfriend decided to play Papparazi

"Sorry im very rich and important and your anoying me!"


Another attmept at my outfit photos

Im pulling this odd face because a) my feet hurt and b) This is happening like 2 feet away...

and im trying not to laugh my head off...

"I slap you on the forhead!"....."No dont slap my forhead!"

Day 4: Cocktails and Photoshoots

To celebrate my decision to not dress down for the next month, I went out with my friend for drinks in a bar with beautiful wall...It was like being in an enchanted forest! We had a few drinks and decided then was deffiatly the right time to begin an editiorial photo shoot:

So we did

Yum Strawberry Daquiri...

Ciaras dissapointing drink...Poor coco loco!

Me doing my best garden of eden tempting with an orange (note I wore the zara booties again coz Im in love with them and got lots of compliments on them from unexpected people!)

We found a digger and decided to use it as a prop (climbing on it was hard for me as the floor is covered in stilleto sized holes..)

Ciara making her getaway...

The mini had to be used as prop 2: this is me attempting a sexy "oh i was just arraging my stilletoes" pose

Pose Fail

Ciara looking adorable in her adorable childs coat but focus fail for me.

Ciara being adorable in general

Day 3: And on the third day she rested

This day was an indoor day for me due to rain and painful feet.

(Posie gets Cosy is a blog of such beauty)

Pyjamas, tea, band practise and ukulele...


But I broke a bloody string!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Day 2


Check out my new peep toes booties...These are beauties...Zaaraaa!

I enlisted the boyfried to take the photos as my attempt yesterday was pityfull...

The interchange went somthing like this:
Me: Take a picture of me so I can catalouge 28 days in heels
Him: Do I have to?
Me: Yes
Him: Why? Who ever reads your blog?
Me: Loads of people! Well about 3 people...and somtimes my brother...and me! I want proof I did this!
Him: Ok...(Suddenly takes camera and belives he is Tim Walker)....Use this picture frame! Look like your stepping out! Out! More out! Move your foot out, More out!! (lies on the floor) ok now turn around, show the heels! Ok Ok now look over there!

But in the end the turned out pretty cute!


Yes I wear this cardigan alot. I found it in a second hand shop and it took me like a year to figure out how to wear it.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Day 1

Ok so today is day 1 of my month in high heels. Those of you that remember the rules of the game will know that I have to wear heels atleast 5 days a week but that I had granted myself heel free journeys in case of rain and or icredible lateness.

Well today I was late and it rained.

However in spirit of starting the month the way I intende to continue it I wore my heels and hailed a taxi to get me to work slightly on time and reletively dry.


Please forgive the strange pose, I was in the process of closing the door then got distracted and forgot to take more photos and now im in my pyjamas so this will have to do!

wow for some reason it super ad resolution, I promise Ill try harder next time!

I wore these pretty comfortale black oxfords style heels that I love as they are cute and trendy but only cost me e16 in Pennys (primark as some of you know it).

People always ask me where they are from and sometimes I lie and pretend they are from somewhere else as (god forbid) they might buy the same pair and take away some of the charm for me.

p.s thats my pink hair :-)

What I notice on my way home is that heels confuse me. Especialy with this tight skirt as I somehow become really unsure as to weather Im walking properly or not and what to do with my arms (lack of pockets didnt help). Anyone got any tips how to make my upper body look posied and elegant) Short of carrying a 30cm cigarette holder and pretending to be Audrey Hepburn, I have no idea how to!

On a slightly ureleted not do you belive style is a natural thing or that it is learnt? Sometimes I will comment a girls sense of style in perhaps an unkind way ad my boyfried always tells me I should be nicer to her as it is not her fault she isnt born stylish (sub text isnt as stylish as me ;-)

But I belive everybody has the capacity to be woderful dont you?

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