Thursday, 30 October 2008


I think they are beautiful.


Like pools of shadow.

I will take dark over light any day.


(photos from google images/or too old for me to remember where I got them, sorry!)

Home sweet home

The lack of activity blog-wise has been due to a series of unfortunate events...

I found the most beautiful apartment and had planned to move in last monday, however when I went to sign the contract on saturday mornig the woman decided she wasnt sure if she wanted to rent to me anymore! My boyfriend and I had to move out of our flats on Sunday and were left without any choice but to pack up and move to a hostel.

Luckily, the universale delivery service dropped a beautfiul room at our feet early on this week but as is Murphys law, the woman rang me after I had paid for the new room and told me she had reconsidered and decided she would rent to us. However as I had already made a 3 month deal with someone else and spent a small fortune on moving once, paying to stay in a hostel, paying for the new room, moving AGAIN and because I wasnt sure if I wanted to be locked into a deal with someone who changed their mind so easily, I told her I wasnt interested...

So although I am happy in our little room I am still pineing for the flat of my dream that I almost had (twice).

Thank you all for the well wishes :-) I appreciate it!

On a lighter note the boyfriend friend is a big famous artist and Im attending his opening show here in barcelona 2moro night. The guys kind of Banksy-style so I need to be kind of Facehunter-chic. Cultured, polished yet acheingly hip. I need inspo! Anyone have any great ideas  for me? Im considering a black plastic bag as my wardrobe seems devoid of choice...

Besos xxxx

p.s sorry for all text no images, my internet seems to be on strike!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Im homeless

Sometimes reality really does suck....

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Just when I think...

I know what I want from my hair Lady Smaggle shows me this girl...

Maybe cutting it short again isnt a bad idea...

I Suck

...At taking pictures of myself....
How do you girls do it??

This week Ive been mostly eating...


And Pink fruit .



Who doesnt love it when fruit matches their nails?...

Monday, 20 October 2008

The Frozen North

Living in this mild climate I find myself longing once again for real cold and wind whipped winters (oh nice aliteration). I have always love cold and snow and the only part of school I remember liking was visiting Anja or cold autumn afternoons and taking walks through the crispy countryside.


I love the quality or autumn/winter light and the smell thats carried on the wind. I have recently taken to longing for the irish countryside but also (I have my whole life) wanting to go further north.




Norway, Iceland, Newfound land....

Did you ever see The Shipping News? Although the book delivered a better story line the imagery used in the film had a profound affect on me. I feel a connection with these cold isolated places, but how can one miss a place they have never been?


So heres some icey style I admire...

White and glowing interiors


Facehunter Reykjavik Inspo


And of course who hasnt mentioned Topshops a/w 08 campaign


My winter heroines are (inside a black apple), No signposts in the Sea, The girl who Married a Bear, Clever Nettle and of course Thumbelina

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Harvest time

Trying to grow out my super choppy hair, maybe going for the oh so fashionable all one length look a la Kate, Alexa et Co. to ease the process...



However Im scared it will make hy head look huge and my face look tiny (speaking from past experience...)

Whats a girl to do? Thoughts?

Mama Stone Vintage...

...Is what turned my heart on to vintage fashion post 50's

Her ebay shop is kinda a work of art.

All pictures from Mama Stone Vintage.

Photography by Courtney Brook


These are by Coutnry Chavanell for Mama Stone

I cant even fit the amazingness of these ladies and off Mama Stones Vintage shop. Whos you favourite vintage seller on ebay?

Autumn Suprises

Isnt life beautiful sometimes? You think things have fallen so low and then something, an unexpected friendship, the promise of change, a little hope for the future, will help you see the world as you should.

Sweet Potatoe

Doe Deer

Chocolate Cake


Glamorous Suicide Girls


When Facehunter Delivers


Ive watched Marie Antoinette 3 times this week!

Zooey DeChanel


Tuesday, 14 October 2008


did I lose my motivation to get out of bed everyday?

I want a new home and a job I love



Monday, 13 October 2008

The Great Blonde Debate

I was born blonde but have since been through pretty much every colour on the spectrum and have settles into a simple dark brown with my ever present bride of franknstein streak. However every year at around this time I get the urge to go blonde. I want
to look etheral and angerlic and maybe kinda trendy ...

But I always get this:

I know you brunnets will agree going from dark to light isnt easy.
Anway go any idea what I should do? Try it or stay in the dark side?And does anyone have and dark inspiration that will encourage me to stick with brown?...

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