Sunday, 16 August 2009

Made of bricks

I came across this:

How beautiful is it?!

(dedicated to Nina)


Bitches that lunch

Check out some pictures of me and Gracies awesom photo session in my garden over here


Playing dress up :-)

Friday, 14 August 2009

A mans best friend

A open letter to Eoin Devlin:

Dear Eoin,

Words cant describe how thoughtful your gift to me is. You have always been my biggest fan and such a great support system all these years! Reading back over these last 4 years of various blogs that you went to the time and trouble to put together has made me see you are an irreplacable friend!


I will keep this book forever as a reminder not just of the years gone by but also as a testament to our friendship and of course our immense genius

I appreciat you more then I show.

Love you!


p.s one day this will be number 1 on all yours amazon wish list...

Friday, 7 August 2009

Hey You!

Check out a couple of things I have written for my "Real Job"

Then comment on them and talk about how great and though provoking they are.

They give me more money, I buy more things I cant afford, scrape together enough to pay my fone bill, get to keep blogging, you get to keep reading...everybodies happy!


(photo credit - facehunter)


a big hello to my westwoods!


Lovely Links

So as you may have notice my firned Gracie has a lovely blog of her own aswell as our little side project but 3 of my other friends have recently made themselves lovely blog of lovelyness and I hope that maybe some of the few people that come here would also like to go there:

We Fight Crime: My bff Eoins little showcase of his cartoon genius. We used to work on my myspace blog together with whatI belived was out shared genius but its turns out its just his! Nina is lovely. Shes very pretty and very funny and writes very nice blog posts that have nothing to do with shoes or sluts. She used to be cool and live in Barcelona but now she just lives in LDN and says shes from Malta wherever that is. Im going to live in her and Jons bedsit in October. Jon is the architect I told I mesured things in penises too.

Manalorocks even better then socks: If you are feeling depressed visit Manalos blog. When you leave you will feel vaugely better as there is someone in the world a little (or alot) crazyer then you!

No No No Nooooo!

How did I let myself just buy so much stuff on ASOS???

God damn late night shopping. I should have just gone out! would have been soooo much cheaper!

Why is it, not matter how broke I know I am, online shopping just dusnt make me feel so guilty? The money is still real!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Some of my least favourite things

- the feeling of unglazed pottery

- the sound of ice lollies touching

- when dough drys on my hand

- strapless things with bras

- when glasses smell funny inside

- the feeling of unwashed teeth

- boys that cant pick you up

- people who shuffle in flip flops

- losing things

- Stephen King novels

- When my brother says "You dont find it funny because you dont understand it"
(maybe its just not funny?...)

- red patches on my knees when Iv had my legs crossed

- lying on a matress with no sheets

- megavideo

- living with other people


Which is you favourite pony with extensions?...

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Free Wheeling

When I was 8 my family and I moved from London to the Irish countryside. I attended a tiny school with only 5 pupils thats was close to my house. After the initial culture shock I adapted and began to enjoy the novelty of going to a school where 4 diffrent age groups where taught 4 diffrent lessons in one room by 1 teacher. Every morning a fire was lit in the open fire place so as to keep us warm. It was one persons job to go and collect the coal and other fule from a tiny building outside.


Iv been feeling rather nostalgic recently for my country days. I remember very clearly when my Mom allowed me to start cycling to school and back. She baught me one of those parcel carriers for the back to strap my school bag too. I felt so grown up and like a carchter from a book, cycling through the countryside stopping along the way to pick blackberries.


These days I long for a bicycle to scoot around the city. Ill make sure it has a parcel carrier too. And a basket.


(photos: The Sartorialist, Facehunter, Garance Dore)

Also stop by Garance for a lovely post about bicycles!Align Centre

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