Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Shoes in the City: My month in high heels

(or: the part where Rosa attempts to take action on tackling the new years resolutions)

So, to begin my attack on the new years, I have listed my resolutions here and now intend to set myself mini challenges for the coming months. Taking my resolutions one at a time, Ive decided to start with my wardrobe.

(p.s any ideas of challenges would be appreciated)

Looking around the internet Iv come across many cleve ladies dealing with their over flowing wardrobe or battling our current consumerist society such as: Esme and the laneway, The Vintage year, Already pretty, Blogher and My 50's year. The Ladies have all challenged themselves to not buy anything, not wear anything unthical, not to buy anythig until they have worn everythig they own, lots of inspirational ideas and all have kept up to date through their blogs!

(my shoes in Ireland...only half the collection)


However dealig with it in my own, Iv decided to battle my shoe addiction. I am a self confessed shoe addicts, I suffer from the affliction shared by Imelda Marcos, Carrie Bradshaw, and probably most women...




We are kow high heels are sexy. Men and women alike are drawn to them, some regard them as objects of bauty to be owned and looked at and dreamt but wheres as others see them as an everyday nesscesitie (the galmourai, the cherry blossom girl, this ladie...) My boyfriend loves me in them, I love me in them, so what is it holding me back from making the most of my buldging shoe-drobe?...

(the boyfriends 3 favourite things?...)

glamourai inspo.


The cherry blossom girl and her fantastic collection...dream bag!


So like many women who own 30 pairs of shoes, I only really wear one pair regularly: as a meens to an end for the next 28 days I must:
-Eear high heels 5 days a week
-Wear every pair I own atleast onece
-I have the option to change pair for travleing if I am a) late b) its raining c)walking a ridiculous distace or d) the shoes are hurting me
- If it is option d I must change shoes for a diffrent/lower pair
- Kittens are allowed
-Heels must be worn at all times out of the house this includes supermarket!


Ok so Im doing this for lots of reasons. To force myslef to not waste money on things I dot wear, by wearig them. To become fully capable on a pair of heels. To feel like a tall girl. To see if I get treated diffrently. To loose the stigma I attach to wearing heels on a regular basis. To prove to my boyfriend spending money on shoes isnt a waste of money ("but look I wear them everyday!") To attempt to ruin my feet once and for all :-)



But if SJP can do it why cant I?


Monday, 26 January 2009


Im my brief blogging hiatus I failed to Miss Karen falling off the the face of the earth!


Where are u chica??

New Year New You #2

So heres the plan guys:

1) List resoltions on blog

2) Stick to resolutions

3) take photos to prove it

4) Attempt to update blog as resolutions work out

So first things first the resolutions as follows:

- wear everything I own instead of sticking to normal stuff and regulalry restocking beautiful clothes and shoes and then...not wearing them...(Iv been making this resolution every year for awhile now)

- Dont be afraid of changing hair/make up to what I want and not just stick to normal (iv started on this already...)

- Learn to do something well and do properly

- Speak spanish fluently!! (almost 2 years here and im still shy)

- Work as what I want to be and not just what is easiest (while subtley ignoring all this crisis nonsense) and become really good at it.

- Attempt to sleep (we arent counting January in this one)

- Maybe stop all those nasty vices?...

- Take more photographs

- Update blog

(2 posts in one day? way to go Rosa...)

So this is as far as I have got in following my resoltuions:

worked as a makeup artist
learning ukulele
Dyed hair bright pink
Bought batteries for my camera
Posted this

Woop good start!

New Year New You

Resolution number 1: Learn how to do somthing and do it well.

(this isnt mine but I wish it was)


To celebrate entering in to 2009 I decided first to not lie to myself and pretend I couldnt change
my life.

I realised that I am at one of the few point in my life where I have time.

So much time.

So much time that I decided to learn to play the ukulele.

And it turns out im some whate of a ukulele genius! I was playing chords and changing chords and siging along all very merrily. With 24 hours I was convinced I had found my true calling in life. I was looking confidetly at chord sheets and saying "yeah I can play that!" and I was!

Untill it came time to tune it...and I discovered while I was obviosuly extreamly gifted when it came to playing the ukulele my talants ended when it came to tuning it...

oh the horror.

I shouted at the ukulele, i shouted at the boyfriend, I even shouted at the cat, cursing them all for my inability to tune the worlds simplest instrument!
and then....

I did it.

I tuned it!

I have never learnt how to play an instrument befor and finaly I felt I had really acheived something!

So maybe I am somewhat of a ukulele genius after after all...


Any requests?

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