Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Reasons I know it is Autum

- My sequined hot pants have been retired.

- I just spent 15 minutes attempting to cut a butter nut squash with my kitchen knife which, I am starting to suspect is actually made of cardboard covered in tin foil.

- I just spent 15 minutes swearing at a squash.

- I woke up this morning to find the cat under the duvet with me. The Cat Cave.

- I no longer feel guilty for not having a tan.

- Staying inside all day is the clever choice.

- I am inexplicably drawn to listening to Irish singer/songwriters.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Wash away

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

1 day of summer

"Rule number one: Nothing lasts forever. Not you or your family or your house or your planet or the sun. It is an absolute rule. Therefore when someone says that their love will never die, it means that their love is not real, for everything that is real dies...".

"Rule number two: Everything lasts forever".

- Craig Ferguson

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I never forget a face but in your case, I'll make an exception

I have a strange memory. I seem to accumulate an infinite number of useless facts, song lyrics, stories, names, faces, I can recall with precision important moments, unimportant moments, chance meetings, first meetings, uneventful afternoons, mixed tapes, quotes, conversations....and yet...I cant remember to pick up my house keys, to buy cat food, to call someone back, math formulas, language rules, which apartment my best friend lives in, to put my watch on after a shower. It's like the useless memory information pushes out the important here and now information.


The biggest memory trigger for me is clothes. I can recall any event by remembering what I was wearing. It sound silly and people never believe me when I tell them but its true. I remember what I wore, I can remember everything. I can usually tell other people what they wore too...its like my brain takes a photo of the event and by bringing it up, everything else comes wooshing back.


I have a habit of loving items of clothing to death, till I am sick of them or they fall apart. I refer to times in life as when I always wore a black v-neck or only road jeans. There was a summer that I always had a Korn hoody round my waist and one that I truly believed my skin tight flares were the height of coolness.

The green top I wore when I kissed my first boyfriend for the first time by the bus station that was under construction. My brothers shirt I borrowed and wore the first time I threw up from drinking too much, in a field with Eoin holding my hair back. The green dressing gown I was wearing when I found out my friend had died, the one I didn't take off for 3 day. The jeans I was wearing the first time my heart broke while I sat on a bus. The coat I was wearing when I looked in the mirror and realised for the first time I was happy with myself. The hat I wore when I dropped my ex at the bus stop and realised I would never see him again. The dress I was wearing when I told someone special how I felt about them on my sofa.

But with this comes a different problem. If something bad happens to me while I am wearing something in particular then, well, that poor item will get resigned to the back of the wardrobe till a time comes around when I can look it in the eye. It's almost as if I blame that item in a way. A dress I couldnt ware for a week because it arrived the same day someone left, an outfit I thought was so cute until I found out "he" was seeing someone else, the skirt my mom brought me as a present but 2 days later I wore it to my grandmothers funeral, and a hundred more things I would love to sit here and list but know no one will ever get through them all.

I wonder if anyone else does this? Do other people find themselves unable to look at certain items of clothing after something bad happens in them?! Maybe I am just strange....

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Things which are nice

If my life was a pie chart and that pie chart was divided into sections of "things I have under control in my life" and "things I do not have under control in my life" then the section of pie that represents the latter category would be very slim indeed.

(do you like my very "hyprbole and a half" pie chart?)

This graph may actually over estimate quite how much I do have in control.

Being, as I am, a person who likes to be in control I have taken the path of "pretending nothing is wrong" as a way to combat this issue. Instead of focusing on the 10 thousand things which are wrong, which range from small and insignificant to huge and life altering, I keep myself happy by listing things which keep me from being crushed under the immense weight of wrongitude.

Here's a few:

- Emails. I love a good email. One with lots of information and nice sentiments. Love it.

- My hair. Its just really very nice right now.

- Boys. Instead of worrying about just one, I'm just going to like them all.

- Katie C Turner. She likes cute boys too and draws lovely pictures about them.

She rules.


- Mark Ruffalo. Because he is Mark Ruffalo and that is all any man could want to be.

- Fur and socks. Hello autumn.


- All my friends helping out with guests post over at Letters to a Stranger
while I got my teeth out. You guys rule.

- Gracie being in New York. Because she deserves to be.


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