Thursday, 23 July 2009

The veiw from up here

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Last year me and my then boyfriend where sitting on a bus going somwhere (the details escape me as to where and why). I was dressed appropriatly for white girl in the summer, my general uniform of short shorts and watever else I feel like. It was around 35 degrees outside. Now I am have never really been able to pin myslef down to one style. I would never know how to describe my style, other have applied the words gangster, eccentric, bag lady, lady like,pure genius...Ok maybe not but you catch my drift.


Any road up, on the fateful day I was dressed fairly tamely.


Back to the story. So we were sitting on the bus and I was on some rant about my personal style while boyfrend stared into space (luckily this was early on in our reletionship while he still liked me enough to pretend he was listening). He turned to me and said " I really like the way you dress, like your whole Rosa style". I was flattered of course, and wanted to hear more nice things so I said "Oh yes what do you like about ?"


"I always wanted to go out with a girl who dresses like you" he said "Like...Kinda Slutty!"

So there you go. The day I saw my personal style through someone elses eyes.

That being said...I am saving for thigh high boots (a life long want of mine) I do love short stuff, tight stuff, sheers stuff, platform stuff, and I would gladly dress like Alison Goldfrapp or any of these slutty bitches for the rest of my days.


(for more on my Goldfrapp love and all the best things about me and Gracie rolled into one great blog visit our new joint effort here, we only just started it but bare with us!)

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