Sunday, 30 January 2011

Keeping up with the Jones

Resolution number 3: Learn stuff....


Here is my first attempt in many, many a year, to knit.
At first it was hard.
I kept ending up with more stitches then I started, I'm not sure, but I did.
It may not look like much now but I bet any day now it will become something amazing
like a jumper.

OR a perfectly anatomically correct representation of the human brain.



Saturday, 15 January 2011

10 things that I will do this year that really I should have done last year

10 things that I solemnly swear to do this year
(although really I SHOULD have done 3 or more of these last year
but some how dues to time, circumstance, finance
or perhaps pure laziness I did not)

1. Write a post about 10 things you will do in 2011 -
well better late than never.

2. Which brings me nicely to my next point, STOP BEING LATE!

Seriously. It's like an addiction.

Learn to leave the house on time, stop flapping about and not being able to decide what to do with your hair, or getting changed entirely because you your current outfit does'nt go with the shoes you have to wear because it is raining.

It's unprofessional and damn annoying for you and everyone else so just stop it, ok?

And be more tidy. You only annoy yourself missy!

3. Learn a whole boat load of new things. For real this time. A third language is a good place to start. Or an instrument of some sort. You know you can, you have done it before!
Just dont put too much pressure on yourself and you will do it and then, voila!
(see, you have started already.)


4. Get a job. A really really lovely amazing job that you are good at and get to dress nicely for every day. Like a magicians assistant. Or become a magician! Add that to the list of things to learn - magic. Get really good and preform for people in vintage sequined dresses.


5. Fall in love. With a city. Not a person, because people come and go and change but places stay the same quite a lot and now is the perfect time to move on and get a new place which makes you happy.


6. Don't get stuck in rut. Don't allow yourself to be petty and lazy and self defeatist and unwilling to make allowances to people. Don't be too stubborn or narrow minded because you know those are things you hate in other because that's what you find totally unbearable about yourself. Be less careful. Or more careful. Be more impulsive and don't let the things that came before to stop you from pursuing things which could lie ahead.

Also maybe be less judgmental.

Well you could always be as judgmental but not so open about it.


7. Blog more. Try and maintain all three of them. Keep taking a photo a day, keep sharing you make up looks, keep writing your thoughts here. In fact keep doing them but do them more, and more frequently! And share MORE! Tell all those stories you bore your friends with here and maybe people will read that and surprise you, or maybe they wont, but at least you would have done it.


8. Visit America. Do it.
There is one lady who(m) you like who will be there and she deserves a bit of your time.


9. More glitter. Just as a general rule.

10. Stop talking to yourself in the third person.

It's a little pretentious and thoroughly annoying.

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